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KNX basic training

You are an electricianprogrammer, a fitter or simply a lover of high technologies?

This training is for you! First part is the theorical lesson and second part is the pratical lesson with the implementation of a fake project in ETS software as well as the diagnostic of telegrams on the bus.

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Basic KNX training


From 25 to 29th of January 21

KNX advanced training

This training is for fitters that have been certified at basic training and have experience on the field. It is heavier training with many application developed.

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Advanced KNX training


INSPRID Origin with...

The smart panel ORIGIN creates the pleasure and esthetical interest of luxe for the end user based on a modern concept. It fits the exquisite art to create a system of technology and meet the needs of people that are looking for a better quality of life.

KNX sun shading...

Programming tip:

When programming Warema actuators it is important to check the parameter "behaviour in case of bus voltage failure" is set on "deactivate alarm". If not when bus voltage comes back, after failure, the actuator will be blocked. Even if no security has been set.

 All the security objects have to be checked.