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We have been certified as a KNX training centre, our doors were opened in 2005. The training centre has been designed with an availability of six desks; possessing a variety of products and KNX brands. Providing opportunities to be in real conditions which simulates on-field experiences. It is opened for the testing of KNX products that stimulates any individual's interest or to undergo any training that is offered by us.

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KNX basic training

You are an electricianprogrammer, a fitter or simply a lover of high technologies?

This training is for you! First part is the theorical lesson and second part is the pratical lesson with the implementation of a fake project in ETS software as well as the diagnostic of telegrams on the bus.

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KNX advanced training

This training is for fitters that have been certified at basic training and have experience on the field. It is heavier training with many application developed.

KNX Tutor training

This training is for people wishing to become a KNX teacher for the several trainings.

Basic and advanced trainings certification are of course necessary.