KNX Tutor training
  • KNX Tutor training

KNX Tutor training

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This training is for people wishing to become a KNX teacher for the several trainings.

Basic and advanced trainings certification are of course necessary.

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KNX advanced training

KNX advanced training

Price €3,025.00

This training is for fitters that have been certified at basic training and have experience on the field. It is heavier training with many application developed.

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KNX de base

KNX basic training

Price €1,815.00

You are an electricianprogrammer, a fitter or simply a lover of high technologies?

This training is for you! First part is the theorical lesson and second part is the pratical lesson with the implementation of a fake project in ETS software as well as the diagnostic of telegrams on the bus.

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22 to 26 of April 2024

KNX HVAC Training

KNX HVAC Training

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