Why DCE ? What can we offer you ?

DCE is a company that sells KNX products, has a training center and is also a design office. Indeed we assist all over their project fitters but also private customer that needs the help.

Our strenghts ? We started automation at its beginning and had the chance to follow up the evolution of KNX; first called Instabus and then EIB. That gave us the experience and the mastery in home automation. We began as fitter to become wholesaler in 2000.
Nowadays we focus only on the training center and the sale of KNX products but we can provide you a list of fitters. Indeed thanks to our experience and network we are working with fitters all over Belgium, in Europe but also in Marrocco.

Since every project is unique and studied according to your needs and resources; you can easily understand that it is impossible for us to give you a price of a specific project without having a first contact with your needs.

Brands we follow :

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