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BACnet IP & MS/TP...

Integrate any BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP server device, with any KNX device or system. The aim of this integration is to make accessible BACnet objects data and resources from a KNX system, as if it was a part of the own KNX system and vice-versa.

Power supply rail din...

The pack includes:

1 x EIBPORT Babtechnologie

1 x KNX power supply

1 x Combo 4 outputs Interra

1 x Power supply rail din 12V dc 15 VA

1 x 4-fold pushbutton with temperature sensor MDT

1 x Curtain actuator SA 2M230 REG Warema

1x Dimming actuator 2 channelsTheben

1x Gift
Price: 1550€excl vat


Promo KNXis30

Eligible until 25th of December 2020. Does not include shipment and only for professionnals.

Output current    640mA