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Invisible ProxyTouch

The ProxyTouch KNX is a capacitive touch sensor that can be installed behind surfaces such as ceramic, wood and glass. 

iSwitch + Panel Plastic

The Interra iSwitch ITR3XX-XXXX is a Room Controller device has Switching, Dimming, Toggle, Shutter / Blind, Value, 2-Channel Value, Scenario, Thermostat Control and Step Switching functions on buttons.

KNX sun shading...

Programming tip: 

When programming Warema actuators it is important to check the parameter "behaviour in case of bus voltage failure" is set on "deactivate alarm". If not when bus voltage comes back, after failure, the actuator will be blocked. Even if no security has been set.

 All the security objects have to be checked.

KNX water flood detector

ITR401-0001 - KNX Waterflood Detector is used to detect the presence of basements, water tanks, any concealed area, or any site where water-based liquids may be leaked by infiltrating.