DALI 64 Gateway
  • DALI 64 Gateway

DALI 64 Gateway

The MDT DaliControl IP Gateway receive KNX/EIB telegrams and enables the classic control of 16 DALI groups plus individual control of the ECG.

  • Production in Germany certified according to ISO 9001
  • Supports different DALI ECG (DT6/DT8)
  • Individual control up to 64 ECG
  • Dimming curve matches the human perception
  • Simultanous dimming
  • Tracking of operating hours and switch cycles
  • Display and reporting of light and ECG errors
  • 16 scenes programmable, integrated effect module
  • Control of battery light emergency lights (EN62386-202)
  • Simple change of the coniguration without using ETS
  • Setting of light scenes without any KNX modules
  • Simple group attribution directly on the device
  • Dali Commissioning via Webbrowser or directly on the
    device display
  • Control up to 16 groups (switching or dimming)
  • Automatic burn in for each ECG
  • Extensive application with ETS plug-in

Specific References

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