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Station Météo - Quadra
  • Station Météo - Quadra

Station Météo - Quadra

The weather controller Quadra feeds the KNX network with all updated meteorological data.
The complexity will get your heart pumping:
sensors, analysing electronic and bus coupler - everything integrated! Even the automation programmes!

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all sensor values can be sent to KNX
• solar tracking
• automated programmes to control shading or heat
• each sector can be controlled individually
• integrated sensors for wind, rain/snow, temperature, light, global radiation
• identification of the wind direction
• non-expendable measuring via ultrasound
• regulates heat and temperature for a comfortable environment - whether at home or at work
• automation for global radiation
• includes automatic twilight sensors
• 1 year power reserve of the time unit
• easy to install with the ETS software
• additional sensors can be imported via KNX
• all limit values tunable via KNX
• very low standby power
• time interval for service easily adaptable
• 3 security objects per sector
• 8 independent sectors/facade sections
• fault indications for every sector


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