Services DCE can offer you :

Sales of automation products :

KNX is an international standard in programmation with hundreds of manufacturers, it is thus difficult to discover them all. That's why we offer you a preselection of the KNX products, that we have tested. We offer you this selection according to your project and based on the technical aspects of each product.

If you like to discover KNX products operating and benefit our advises or simply show to your custormer the different possibilities automation offers, the doors of our showroom are opened any time.

Our showroom has been recently redesigned and now has a friendly space to allow profesionnals and clients to exchange on their project.

Study case office :

The study of your project is a service we like to offer you and accompanies you all along your project.

We firstly help you to establish an accurate study of the needs of your customer, to understand him and to explain to him the various possibilities of KNX products' functionalities. We also help you to offer him the latest technologies in order to improve his comfort and to save his consumption. From this study we can draw a budget as well as detailled specifications folder.

With our experience in KNX, we are able to keep you update of the latest technologies available on the market and their technical possibilities.

You just invested in a house or you would like to renovate it but don't know any integrators in your area? We will be glad to provide you a list of qualified integrators. 

Finally we are available for any question and follow your project all along.

Here are a couple of prestigious projects we realised in collaboration with our integrators :

Le château du Faing

Castle in Faing

L’hôtel Hilton de Venice

Hilton hotel in Venice

Domaine de Mas</div></body></html>

Domaine of Massembre