AVJ Namur

févr. 6, 2021

AVJ Project is a particular project in the sense that we are dealing with handicap persons whose lives rely on the system. AVJ is located in Belgium, Wallonia, Namur. We are DCE company, KNX training center and reseller of KNX products. We have been studying and supporting Yvelec company in this project to realise the most reliable system.

 Indeed they live indivually in their own house and get help from assistants and doctors only on specific situation (day and night). A common base has been realised then a particular attention has been given according to each handicap. KNX system has significantly improved their every day life in being more independent. The end user can now control not only their lighting and heating but thanks to the videophone control his calls and entrance.

Our biggest challenge on this project was to keep connection between the main house (of assistants) and each tenant’s house since no wire was possible between the houses. We opted for redundant system with internet and radio communications. First link is internet, on which we created a virtual life between buildings. If that link is broken we switch automatically to radio frequencies. This solution allows us a constant communication between buildings.

The advantage of KNX in this project is to have a system with a common communication of hundreds of manufacturers. It allowed us to place a common base and then adapt to specific needs (contactors for some, Alexa for others,…) while maintaining sustainability over time.

This project have been implemented over two years and have had changes. Indeed when one of the tenant changes, the house and system has to be readapted to his needs. Another advantage of using KNX communication is the flexibility we can offer over the years.

We were able to fully satisfy the end customer with this solution. Previously it was equipped with the X10 system and had many problems as well as little flexibility in modifications. With this communication redundancy solution and almost limitless adaptation at reduced cost, they can live in serenity and security.

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