• KNX - DALI Gateway (2x64 DALI)

KNX - DALI Gateway (2x64 DALI)

Integrated Dali Pws. , Support Dali Emergency Lighting Control EN 62386-20

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The device is used to interface between DALI and KNX installations and incorporates the DALI power supply. Two DALI output for up to 2 x 64 DALI Slaves. Control and status feedback is carried out via KNX per DALI slave (2 x 64), with lighting groups (2 x 16), together in two broadcasts or per scenes (2 x 16). Extensive fault and error messages are available.
Self-contained emergency converter (2 x 64) acc. EN 62386-202 will be supported. By means of KNX and emergency converter, dierent emergency tests (e.g. function and duration test) can be triggered. Feedback is sent. Slave-, staircase-,force-, block- and scene- function are integrated. DALI telegram rate can change. For diagnostic use and individual change of the DALI address or group assignment a separate is available.


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