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Impossible? There’s no such thing. With the APPMODULE you can easily connect the whole world of IoT with KNX and EnOcean. Whether Amazon Alexa, SONOS, Philips Hue, Netatmo, IFTTT, Google Assistant, or DoorBird: Install these and many more Smart Home Apps and get started. Very simple. Hassle-free. Once integrated, you control IoT devices with any KNX or EnOcean components. And vice versa, of course. For example, start your favourite songs on Denon HEOS with a wall button or control your KNX lighting with Amazon Alexa. The constantly growing portfolio in the BAB APP MARKET offers Smart Home Apps for the integration of IoT devices and services as well as functional enhancements such as intelligent presence simulation. With the brand new «Smart Screens» you can even control any IoT, KNX and EnOcean devices in one interface directly with your smartphone. The integrated KNX router functionality and the convenient KNX project import complete the APPMODULE’s scope of features.

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BABTECHNOLOGIE BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative and high performance KNX products. They develop products which allow access to the Building Technology realised with KNX, Powernet KNX, DMX or EnOcean via  LAN, WLAN, Internet, GSM, UMTS etc.  Therefore it is not important if you do local control or if you have access via e.g Internet. As a visualization client Smartphone, Tablet Computer or Touch Panel PC's can be used. A additional software is not needed, only a browser is used for visualization and editing/programming (wiki concept).