INSPRID Origin with thermostat

The smart panel ORIGIN creates the pleasure and esthetical interest of luxe for the end user based on a modern concept. It fits the exquisite art to create a system of technology and meet the needs of people that are looking for a better quality of life.

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  • Avec cadre
  • Sans cadre
  • Porte-étiquette

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Bus couplerIntegrated

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Thanks to ORIGIN panels you can control switching, dimming, curtains, air-conditionning, heating, scenes,...

You have LED indicators on the push buttons. One to two control on the rockers are available.

You also have the delay, blinking, pre-settings functions, a PWM connexion and some other functions.

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Insprid INSPRID, a brand owned by Luxurite UK Ltd for intelligent building and smart home market. Originated from its British culture background, with belief of its unique brand value, INSPRID is not only combined perfectly with art and technology, but also endows its products with recognisable features — European design preference, first class industrial processing and luxurious British style. With the strong support from Luxurite R&D and design team, INSPRID has launched multiple KNX products, covering all sets of the standard devices. Products hardwearing exterior fit the style of your room and add a touch of class to it; Apart from classic and touch panel models, INSPRID also offers the customised service.