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ITR901-001 is a KNXnet/IP routing & tunneling device and works as KNX IP line/area coupler. An external power supply is not necessary. The ability to address all bus devices in the KNX bus system makes network operations less time-consuming. Operational and filtering states, malfunction and faulty communication are indicated by LEDs. UPnP is available and the firmware can be updated by a comfortable Web front-end. ITR901-001 connects the two communication media Ethernet/ KNX IP and KNX TP to feature (for all bus devices connected):

• Commissioning

• Addressing

• Setting parameters

ITR900-001 is able to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the bus system hierarchy and according to the built-in filter tables for group oriented communication. Configuring from the subline can be blocked. Message filtering can be temporarily deactivated by a single button press. The time period to automatically switch back to normal operation is ETS-configurable. To ease commissioning, temporary access to other lines is possible also without download from the ETS

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